Each of us experiences those bumpy moments along the journey when we feel burdened by sins.

1. Always Sleep Deprived

It feels horrible when everyone accuses you of being a Zombie.

You head for Office with Zombie eyes definitely if not with complete look. Commitment in Work and Home makes it difficult to find any time for your own. Before motherhood, you used to have extremely loving relationship with your sleep but that relationship have gone for a toss now. You have so serious headache that you find it difficult to even laugh even when you want to.

2. Strong Sense of Guilt

I always feel guilty of losing time with my kids. While lack of flexible work hours makes me feel more guilty. I really feel heartbroken when my kid says Mom please do not go to office today or they have all tears in their eyes when you are leaving. This guilt is accelerated by anything when you find it difficult to address queries of children because of tiredness. Sometimes, when my kids ask me question, I tell them that I will spend time on these questions during weekend. Back of my Brain, it just adds up to increasing the Guilt Sense.

3. Challenge at Work Place

No matter how hardworking you are, you are always looked down at work if you are not willing to extend extra office hours, refuse to travel and ask for work for home. Sometimes you do not feel well but do not take a day off because you only take days off for your kids.  

If you see yourself in any of these situations or have been through any of these in the past,please comment for sure to let me know.

I want to see how many working moms resonate with my situation.

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