I have been a very passionate reader since my childhood and have read a lot of books on variety of topics.

When my first child was born, I started looking forward to parenting books to have in-depth insight on journey of a parent.

I have read multiple books on parenting and I am going to share my favorites with all of you. I highly recommend these books to parents who have got into a stage of panic and are making the kids run a rat race.

  1. The Idle Parent – This book is written by Tom Hodgkinson. This is an inspiring book which will make you get out of over marketed modern parenting and get back to Old approach to Childcare: Leave them alone.  
  2. Einstein Never Used Flash Cards – This book is written by Kathy Hirsh-Pasek , Roberta Michinick Golinkoff and Diane Eyer.  This book focuses on the fact that why Children need to play more and memorize less. I was actually quite thrilled after reading about a lot of scientific research done on this area. 

I firmly recommend not to kill play time of the kids by rote learning.

If you read these books and like the content, please do share your feedback with me. I will be delighted to know the change in your parenting style as after effect of these books. I would also love to know about your favorite parenting book and why you liked it?

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