Happy Moments with Mom

1. Always Be Happy

My mother has gone through a lot of adverse circumstances in her life but she has immense ability to move on and focus on the current moment. This is one thing with which I struggle many times but no matter what my family or I have gone through, I always think about my mother and realize that things will work out. Everybody goes through a lot of unpleasant circumstances in life and it’s normal to feel frustrated. We have to learn to live with life as it is.

I believe this is a very important lesson.

2. Focus on What You Have

Somehow, my mother and many people from her generation live happily despite being having very limited things. This has always been a very difficult phenomenon for me to understand. I remember that my mother having only two good Sarees and she used to wear it in every function and enjoy the moments thoroughly. We never saw her feeling jealous of anybody else who has a lot of things to show off or flaunt about. This is something that we have forgotten completely nowadays. We always suffer from the trauma of unfulfilled dreams. We always suffer from the stage of not having things that our friends, relatives, and neighbors have. Nowadays I see this Brand possession disease spread among us and people are busily flaunting their Handbags, Clothes, Watches, Cars, Phones etc., etc.. I believe this list is never-ending.

We focus so much on what we do not have that we do not realize what we have. We need to spend more time focused on what we have and not what we want. We do not appreciate small things in life and lose focus from our current moments. If we want our peace of mind to grow and feel fulfillment, we need to focus on small things in life.

Thankfully, I have good examples in my life to look at.

3. Believe in Your Kids

Always believe in your kids and stand by them no matter how adverse the situation is. My mother had always believed in her kids’ capabilities. She inspired us to achieve our dreams. She always told us that we can create our destiny and however difficult the situation is things will always work out. Other very important assurance that we got from her always is “No matter what happens, I love you.” I had never felt for a single moment in my life that my mother does not love me.

This is my story about very crucial learning’s from my mother. Though I have learnt a lot of other things from her as well but these 3 are that I can feel generate value all the time in my life.

Please do let me know in comments about all crucial learning’s from your mother.