This is my all-time favorite Shayari that I learned from my Father at a very young age.
My father was very fond of Urdu Shayari and used to recite many of them.
Even without me ever noticing, all these Shayaari’s have made a great impact on my perspective about life. For some of his words, I understood the context quite late in my life.

The Complete Shayaari is as below:

Girte Hain Sheh- Sawar hi Maidan-E-Jung Mein.
Woh Tifl Kya Gire jo gutno ke bal chale.

This means that failures are only experienced by those who try (Only riders fall from the horse in a Battlefield), and how can you expect anything from those who never try (How can you fall when you are walking on your knees only).

All parents want their children to succeed. Many Parents get obsessed with the fact of their children being extremely successful. They start shielding the child from the raw aspects of growing up and life. 

They embed the factor of success among them so deeply that they do not learn to embrace failures. Parents need to be available to support the children but should not plunge in everything. Failure is a very important life skill to learn like other life skills. 

Children who do not learn to accept failures are more vulnerable to nervousness. They go through despair irrespective of the stage of life as they never accepted to fail.

There is a lot of pressure on kids to succeed. In India, the board results bench-marking has touched 100%. The parents feel pressured about the future of their children. 


If parents have studied from prestigious institutes, it becomes a status symbol for them that their children should also study in prestigious institutes so they can flaunt.

If Parents have themselves not being able to live their dream of securing a degree from institute of high repute, they accept their child to fulfill their dream.

I feel completely shocked whenever I come across suicide News from students or even grownups who decide to end their life because they are not able to achieve high dreams. 

I believe that parents need to stop themselves from burdening their children with their dreams. 

Nobody succeeds all the time in life.


Make Yourself a role Model for your child. Children learn a lot of things by just observing their parents. If parents cope up with emotions in a better way it will lead them via a healthy example with consuming all kinds of emotions.

It is good if you share a few stories of your failures and how you tackled the situation. It is very important to teach children to accept life as it is.

About a month ago, my 7-year-old son got less than 50% score in one test asked me how I feel about his performance when he is in bottom performers. I told him that I do not have any opinion on this. He can do better if he decides to study for other tests. If he is not able to do well even after working hard, it does not matter as sooner or later everybody finds out their way in life.  



Please appreciate the efforts made by the child even if the child fails. We all as parents need to learn to celebrate the efforts not results.

It is important to teach your Children to accept failures with the same grace as success. 

I learned my lesson at an early age and I believe my kids will as well learn their lessons. I am not going to push them for getting high grades or win sports medals so I can proudly flaunt their achievements. I want to see them grow as human beings filled with gratitude,kindness and abundance of happiness in their lives. Amen.