Girte Hain Sheh-Sawar hi Maiden-E-Jung Mein

This is my all-time favorite Shayari that I learned from my Father at a very young age. My father was very fond of Urdu Shayari and used to recite many of them. Even without me ever noticing, all these Shayaari’s have made a great impact on my perspective about life. For some of his words, [...]

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3 Things I Learnt From My Mother

Happy Moments with Mom 1. Always Be Happy My mother has gone through a lot of adverse circumstances in her life but she has immense ability to move on and focus on the current moment. This is one thing with which I struggle many times but no matter what my family or I have gone [...]

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Two Best Parenting Books Which Will Make You Live Guilt-Free

I have been a very passionate reader since my childhood and have read a lot of books on variety of topics. When my first child was born, I started looking forward to parenting books to have in-depth insight on journey of a parent. […]

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